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The explorer

wayne rowe

Wayne is the business development director for Character. He brings to the role his extensive sales and marketing experience, as well as the twinkly ability to connect with audiences that he learned as a theater major.

Sweating in a Tigger costume in the July heat while studying drama at the University of Connecticut, Wayne never suspected he had a future in characters. In fact, his main goal at the time was to get out of them. Literally.

Exchanging the Tigger suit for a business suit, Wayne started his professional marketing career servicing colleges and universities at Tuition Management Systems in Newport, RI. From there he moved to Boston and spent several years in sales and marketing for Nova Biomedical, a world leader in biosensor technology.

Wayne moved to Oregon in 2005 and joined Character in 2008. He holds a black belt in karate, is an avid motorcycle enthusiast and experienced traveler.

Wayne recently returned from circumnavigating the globe, with his wife Sumi, via Africa, SE Asia, Australia, China, Tibet and Nepal.

“Character gets to the heart of what good storytelling is all about. They’ve helped Wendy’s focus on what makes us unique, different and special and that’s helped us to get people’s attention, keep their interest and keep the business growing. We compete with much larger brands, but by being overt about how we want to attack those differences, we’ve been able to have a lot of tension and conflict in the story that we are telling. That allows us to keep the story fresh and to fuel it. The more we do that the more positive attention we get as a brand and the more the brand continues to grow, which, in turn, builds our confidence in our storytelling and keeps the courage level high.”

—Kurt  Kane, President U.S. & Chief Commercial Officer, Wendy’s Corporation

“I’ve been through Character’s story framework process four times in my career, and it has always added extraordinary value. It was a central piece of Walmart’s rebranding effort in 2006, as we sought a new articulation of our brand narrative and our purpose. It’s an equally powerful tool for us now, as Walmart defines its place in a rapidly transforming retail environment. And we are currently using it to do the same for Sam’s Club.”

—Tony Rogers, Chief Marketing Officer, Walmart

“Since articulating our story framework, Gallo has had its best year. We’re up 10% and we’re outpacing the category. From a creative standpoint it’s been great because we’re all in alignment. Now that we have the articulation of our story, our social media, our partnerships, our programs, our packaging—it all makes sense.”

—Stephanie Gallo, Chief Marketing Officer, E&J Gallo Winery